video : a woman disagreeing with me about transgenderism


Rafael Alvites Castillo :

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Organic TerfEliza :

She keeps saying we can make the distinction. Yes, between truth and nonsense, between reality and fantasy. There’s truth; there’s reality; there’s biology. All these fake, invented, delusional alternatives belong in the asylum.

Bzzzz….bzzzz…… :

A man can NEVER become a woman (and vise-versa). NEVER. These people have a problem in their heads and there is NOTHING they can do but try and disguise it.

Mel :

The analogy with religion is accurate because these people are not just making a claim about themselves, but implicitly about everyone else as well. And then demanding that everyone else agree with that clsim, even at the expense of their own rights. Unnacceptable.

Jayme Funny :

TheresZERO science saying that a man can become a woman by saying hes a woman. Thats pseudoscience!

PattyP :

14:04 Bingo!!

sailor charlene :

Nowadays the more people go to University in the western the dumber they become

DoAndroidsDream :

“Hormones and signals that go back and forth …”

Ok then lady.

A politically correct way for her to describe mental health issues.

Robert Bright :

Medicine has absolutely nothing to with this BULL 💩, God makes no mistake you are what you are A MAN OR A WOMAN PERIOD.

Spikey Terf :

No such thing as trans, it’s medical industrial complex, cashing in on the ‘insecurities people have about their sexuality and appearance. Faux science for faux gender.

doe eyes :

Two women were recently raped by trans identified male at our local WOMENS shelter. Theres a waiting list of nearly 300 men that will soon be moved over to the womens side of prison because they now identify as woman. Many of whom sre rapists, sex offenders, muderers and any heinous crime tou can think of.

717 SAINT ✧ :

it’s really sad how it feeds on insecurity and this generations sense of self. it’s a cauldron of misogyny, homophobia, capitalism (buying your authentic self), and embracing narcissistic traits. obsessing over how the world sees you rather than digging deeper inside. also, fetishism is huge in the community, weird considering how often they try to involve children. it’s all “transwoman are woman” and transwoman winning awards on behalf of females… yet i see very few people going out of their way to uplift transmen to the same extent. it seems like gender identity doesn’t really matter the male vs female dynamic will always be there.

K X :

There is some merit in the fact they often have extra chromosomes and having a similar brain activity to the opposite gender, but the issue I have is providing sex alternative care. You are giving women a weapon by doing so in transmen care. And making it so women can’t tell the difference between male and female which is something we need in our culture in order to best analyze and protect ourselves. I also have skepticism on the results of the neurological examinations, As brain patterning is learned through experience and exposure in life, if you grow up thinking another gender you are going to fall into a similar thought pattern, with females predominantly being more fearful from ages 6 and up due to a subconscious awareness of our parents being more protective of females than males. Also it also made me remember about how my brain is alot different to most females I know, and how I have always be aware of this, in cases where you a female closer to your father, you tend to pick up that way of analyzing the world more, Because the equality movement has stirred up what it really means to be male and female and why we have all these differences and similarities in the way our brains are patterned. It’s become more of a focus in our kids lives today to think about what gender you are, leading them to become aware much earlier today. Around 1920 when this all started in a gender clinic in germany, since then we have re enforced that in the news more and more until social media when we really started doing the damage. By mearly saying that just brain patterning alone can make up someone’s gender we are actually erasing gender and sex all together.

JudeeSee :

Trans women are men

Susan Mason :

That ignorant woman needs to go EFF herself. Anyone buying into the Trans fraud is an evil piece of absolute garbage.

Jerome Horwitz :

Gender is not as simple as “XY” vs. “XX ” it is determined largely by the prenatal chemical environment, which changes over the course of pregnancy, the nervous system developing at a later stage than the chromosomes that determine the shape of the genitals. There have always been transgender individuals throughout human history, it is not a recent phenomena and is not the result of ideological propaganda. The right wing hate campaign directed against LGBTQ people is a result of ideological propaganda.

ozch :

The only reason trans ideology has been able to take over so freely is thanks to “useful idiots” (no offense) like this who just want to be seen as progressive by any means necessary. Many of the points she made goes directly against trans ideology itself (they ARE saying they’re female, they don’t distinguish their born sex from their “identified” sex, there is no such thing as a physical gender etc) and society is full of people like this – who chant back the mindless mantras but don’t really know what they’re fighting for when singled out and put on the spot. Worse is that its mostly women doing this dog work for misogynistic men. Bring back critical thinking.

Like her saying gender is a construct while acknowledging “there are biological differences”… The whole belief of gender being a construct is in relation to societal roles being projected onto males vs females (eg liking pink) which actually is mostly a construct. She heard someone say that mantra and thought they were talking about biological sex, and now here she is trying to explain it to someone else, making it up as she goes along.

Dawn Mainstone :

If born xy u stay xy if born xx u stay xx its that frigging easy!!!

Cry About It :

Women like her set us women back. Smh

Jenny :

“There is scientific literature that men can be women’ 😂🤣

What evidence would have to be presented to these handmaidens before they accept that women and children are harmed by men larping in our spaces. What a luxury belief for the privileged – the rest of us women and children are paying the price.


this woman would cock her head, squint her eyes a little and say “hmmm… it’s difficult…” if she met a female ex-con who was raped in prison by a trans person
or a little girl who was molested in a public toilet by a trans person
or a survivor of assault who feels she can’t use a gym changing block if there’s a male in there with her
female enablers are the worst. they preach from wilful ignorance, and passive-aggressively cast judgement on anyone who speaks about facts.
so no, I don’t respect her for “calmy disagreeing” – she disagrees with the truth. truth that protects her, and all other women, from potential predators

Archpope :

Mad respect and props to her. She was willing to discuss her beliefs, have a reasoned back-and-forth, and engaging respectfully, even if her mind wasn’t changed. She never called you names, never threatened to kill you, and never tried to spit on you.

CAL123 :

Concept of man and woman? No its just biological gender. That it .

E Cord :

There is a bigger phicycal difference between men and women, then difference between ethnicity

s h a d ø w b a n n e d :

One thing I will say is… you ain’t finding immigrants propagating this shit…
It’s Americanized middle/upperclass white liberals and many of them, are women raised on Tumblr.

There’s biological reality and then there’s “make up” (drugs/surgeries).
Many have trauma and unaddressed mental health issues. Gender dysphoria is a diagnosis.
Many trans activists believe you shouldn’t need a diagnosis. This has resulted in regretters and misdiagnosed children.
Trans prisoners should be in the SHU. Not with women. A higher portion of them are more dangerous than normal male prisoners.

Joe Chain :

You can chop off the twig, and mutilate the berries, but DNA say’s you are still a “Man”, and forever will be.

Pearl Red Moon Artist :

I’d rather be rude than a liar and are always going to call a man larping as a woman what he is – a man, a man, a man.

There is no science supporting transgenderism. Just lies and propaganda that is circulated amongst the trans cult ideologues. When an XY male gets pregnant, gestates a baby in his uterus and gives birth out his vagina I’ll have to believe it. 99.9% sure that day will be a long time coming and it has never happened in all of the history of homo sapiens, because we are a mammalian dimorphic species of Ape.

Kimmm West :

They absolutely are claiming to be female they even claim to have periods.

Gender is absolutely not a social construct… The stereotypes attached to gender are socially constructed.

You are dumb if you don’t do any deeper investigation I also believed this trans ideology at one point assuming there was a such thing as a female brain… But when you look deeper you realize nothing about trans ideology makes sense.

InterstellarDreams :

Fascinating! I think you really tried your best to reach each other, and that you both started out in good faith. But this issue is just SO damn polarizing, sadly! Anyway… I don’t think this woman is dumb, whatsoever. I think she’s a product of her time, and she’s likely been sold this way of thinking as “nice and progressive”, for all her life. Also..? She sounds like me, 5 years ago. Before thinking stuff through. I can really relate to her overall willingness to “be kind”. Because female socialized female, here too! We always want to be kind, and root for the underdog. I think that’s why so many women fall under the spell of this ideology. We’re made to think this is basically just the new civil rights battle, or gay rights 2.0. And that trans identifying men are just these poor, innocent victims! So then “be kind” becomes basically a demand, that we’re guilted into by society. And also, we think we HAVE TO support this stuff, in order to be “good progressives”, etc. At least that’s the case for those of us that have always seen ourselves as liberals. And.. there’s not wanting to let go of that label, and that sense of belonging, too! It feels comfortable, acting in accordance with what you see as your supposedly superior, progressive value system! Which is going to be DOUBLY the case if you’re also woke, or you see yourself as an “LGBTQ ally”, or both. Whereas waking up to how crazy this stuff is, and getting to a place where you realize: “I can no longer support it”? Can be such an absolutely RIDICULOUSLY disorienting experience, that makes you feel like you can’t trust anything anymore, and you don’t know WTF you stand for anymore! Speaking from experience. Because it happened to me, and basically my whole political worldview imploded. And I think that’s why women like this one have such a MASSIVE defense system in place, against it.

Anyway… I think the way you get women like this to reconsider? At least based on my own experience? Is getting them to see the kind of HARM this ideology does! How much it hurts women as a sex based class, and our right to our own spaces. How much it hurts gender non-conforming minors that are falling prey to this kind of socially accepted narrative / contagion, then getting transed, and medically f*cked up for life, over a complete and utter LIE. How much it hurts lesbians and gay people, that are being forced to reframe their attraction as “same GENDER” attraction, instead of same SEX attraction. (Lesbians are being guilted into sleeping with men who think they’re women, and liking “girl d*ck”, now.) How much it harms free speech, and wrecks the lives of dissenters who dare speak their mind, and consequently get cancelled. How much it in fact helps push regressive gender stereotypes, by pushing this idea that gender non-conformity means you’re maybe not really the sex you are. How much going along with the pronouns, using their language, and ” being kind”, in fact helps FURTHER push this extremely harmful narrative, that’s hurting so many people, by lending credibility to the patently false idea that sex can somehow be changed! When I fully realized that..? Was when I immediately stopped doing it. And coming to realize how fundamentally NOT kind this ideology is, to all the groups I’ve mentioned? And how many people have gotten SEVERELY, irreversibly harmed by it? Was what snapped me out of it, more so than a bunch of isolated facts in a vacuum. Because what drives me in life, and what I think also drives this women..? Is our VALUES! And in order to shift those, you need to shift our LOYALTIES! So that we go from thinking: “supporting this ideology is the good, kind, progressive thing to do”, to: “this ideology does IMMEASURABLE harm to people, and it is ultimately much kinder NOT to support it.”

Also..? I think a lot of people struggle with letting go of “true trans”, as a concept. So trying to undermine that is NOT where I would start, personally. Again..? I would start with showing the HARM this ideology does to people! And especially..? To groups of people that these women care about, or maybe even belong to, themselves. That’s a good place to start.

PS: I’m coming at this from the perspective of being a gender critical feminist, FYI. NOT from a conservative perspective, or a religious perspective. But I still share SOME overlap with people who object to this stuff on conservative grounds. Although we are also going to disagree on a lot of things. But for the record..? I also reject the rest of woke! More of an old-school, pro free speech, politically homeless liberal, here.

Matrix Master :

Read It Again For The First Time! Isaiah 56:3

DREY4400 :

Feel feel feel is the problem…

Argo Bronwyn Zygor :

10:46 “He said it’s all in your head I said so’s everything but he didn’t get it…”

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