video : people I interviewed about racism


Doobly :

thank you marcel! there are so many black people that have been taught to be a victim and to think they are being singled out for their race. its just like religious indoctrination. a majority of black people still indoctrinate their children into religion and they do it for race too. floyd and martin are the excuse that alot of black people use to riot and destroy and steal. there is no proof at all race was a motivation

nls8520 :

Love the commentary, Marcel. Spot on. Let it go… we are all human. Let’s stop all this racism talk. I evaluate all people on a case by case basis not what color they are.

MonieTree馃尦 :

ignorant people stay poor, when they start to realize how the world work will they accomplish something


Wow. That was a little bit surprising. I do agree that most of the way people feel is through conditioning though. A lot is ego

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