video : a Christian promoting the existence and “loving” nature of God


run_gavagai_run :

The whole notion of justice is a twisted mess in Christianity. Not only does Yahweh sit and watch and do nothing while children are raped and murdered, but if their rapists repent on their deathbeds, they get no punishment or penalty for their crimes and violence in the afterlife. Meanwhile, any person who lived a decent life, caring for their family and neighbors and communities, and helping people, it doesn’t matter how much kindness and love they showed their fellow human beings as long as they don’t believe that Jesus was murdered and rose from the dead as a blood sacrifice to Yahweh. They get burned for eternity. Great system.

Word Of Da Street ™ :

Cognitive dissonance

Mj Mj :

To contradict God, is to contradict himself. The man is clearly stuck in a loop and is unable to recognize logic. Typical symptom of religious indoctrination. Sad stuff.

Doobly :

this is really just typical engrained brainwashing. so typical. spoken like a true robot ,a parrot, someone totally devoid of critical thinking. its the only thing going for him? how very very sad to feel so worthless of one’s self.

Anthony Dunlap :


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