video : a “pro-life” activist condemning abortion



Tiro Mandal :

If you’re either all in for pro-life or all in for pro-choice you’re absolute evil! The good is in the middle. A prepubescent rape victim shouldn’t go through with pregnancy and an adult female with over 10 months into pregnancy shouldn’t abort!

konsul2006 :

Wow! Insane, so just rape a woman if you need a kid? What is wrong with these people??

Killing_In_The_Name_Of :


A zygote is a living organism. It forms when cells from male sperm and a female egg combine. It is biological. Therefore, biological, pre-sentient life begins at conception.

Sentience is the capacity to perceive and experience sensations, such as consciousness, awareness, and emotions which require higher-level cognitive abilities that go beyond mere reflexive or automatic responses. An automatic response is when a dead frog’s legs jump as it’s poked with a pin. Any movement a fetus under 24 weeks of age makes is an automatic response.

Sentience requires consciousness. An accident victim with severe brain trauma that is being kept alive by life support machines is NOT sentient simply because the heart continues to beat. A heartbeat alone does not constitute life.

In religion and ethics, the “sanctity of life doctrine” asserts that there is an implied protection for SENTIENT life. Sentient life is deemed to be holy, sacred, or otherwise of such value that they are not to be violated.

Families tell doctors to turn the life support machines off when it is absolutely clear that the accident victim is no longer sentient (has no brain activity) even if the heart continues to beat. It is not morally or legally considered murder when the body dies after the plug is pulled.

A fetus under 24 weeks old CANNOT be sentient because the neural pathways and brain have not developed sufficiently for it to be conscious or have subjective awareness. Therefore, a fetus does not and cannot become medically and scientifically viable before 24 weeks of development. It is reasonable to say that a fetus becomes an unborn baby when it achieves viability.

Medically necessary abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy due to life threatening circumstances or extreme abnormalities are medical issues, not legal issues. In most states, a medically necessary abortions after 24 weeks requires opinions of not less than two doctors. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy before the fetus becomes viable and sentient or a medically necessary abortion is not murder. Neither is pulling the plug on life-support machines on a human body in a vegetative state. They are indistinguishably equivalent.

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