video : Christians I questioned about God watching kids get molested


John Watts :

The chap around the 5 minute mark gave a good response, yet he gets accused of avoiding the question when he’s trying to give an answer the bigger picture of things– of course it’s not a loving parent who would sit there and watch their child get abused, but the question to why does God permit human to do evil things is because he has given us a free will and the power to make our own decisions, now he wants us to make good decisions and do good and come into a relationship with Him, but He doesn’t coerce us and sometimes, often even, we make bad decisions and do evil. If God intervened every time somebody did something evil we wouldn’t be free and wouldn’t be able to come into a loving relationship with God, He would just have robots if He forced us to do good all the time, and it wouldn’t be good if a robot did, it would just be the instruction of its programming. God wanted human beings who could come into true union with Him, not robots.

eoin murphy :

dont blame something that doesent exist,blame the priests

Tom :

Why do you blame sins on God? Does he not command you to follow his laws and give punishments for your sins? Yet you see these as foolish and cruel, saying if a God did exist you will not believe in him as he is judmental and send people to hell. It is self contradictory when you blame all your sins and wrong-doings on God, seeking for justice, yet at the same time hate the just God. For you hate his laws, and promote sins that hurt yourself and others, be grownup to take the responsibilities and consequences of your sins, which the christians and your ancestors abide by, yet you found foolish and detasteful.

Kurt Gallina :

Your questioning is flawed. God is outside of time not constrained by it. From his view he waits no time to avenge things. From our view it could look like 4000years. He can step back to before it happened and stop it. we would never know from our view in time.

Theresa Grano :

So, free will allows people to deflect all responsibilities because we are waiting for God to fix things and pass judgment. The lack of using their own thoughts is astounding. God sounds like an abusive parent.

Mac Mac :

You can see all the denial and projection happening with these people. The avoidance of questions is the denial. The projection from some where they try and say you dont know right from wrong. The idea its for the greater good is basically saying evil is good. The you lose free will if god stops a rape does not work either, he could break their arms and legs and they do not turn into a robot if that happens. Its not like they lose free will if the police stop them before it happens. If you are willing to read a longer comment about this behavior I will share this with you.

I am going to ask you a question, and I am going to predict the answer you will have pop in your mind at first, and predict that will be a wrong answer. This works on most people and you can try if for yourself on others to see too, its an interesting conversation starter.

A bat and a ball together cost 1.10, the bat costs 1.00 more then the ball, how much did the ball cost?

You might have an answer of ten cents flash in your head right away with bias inaccurate fast mind but if you check that answer with your slow but more accurate conscious awareness, you can see that answer is wrong but it takes effort to do. The answer of ten cents is not the right answer but most people have that pop in their head because of the fast thinking mind that we rely on most of the time.

The fast unconscious mind is taking everything in and trying to make sense of it really fast. Its 11 million bits a second. But sometimes it makes mistakes. The slow conscious mind is 40-50 bits and lazy but it can check things and bringing the unconscious mistake to conscious awareness it can correct it.

The next thing to understand is about carl jung and the 4 ways the unconscious complex he called shadow deals with reality. The shadow is an unconscious complex that is defined as the repressed and suppressed aspects of the conscious self. there are constructive and destructive types of shadow. Carl jung emphasized the importance of being aware of shadow material and incorporating it into conscious awareness lest one project these attributes onto others. The human being deals with the reality of shadow in 4 ways. Denial, projection, integration and/or transmutation.

Now I believe what is happening when a question that exposes a conflict in a belief, idea, something that someone said, or even about someone they idolize and the question gets avoided, that is the fast unconscious mind going into denial and the response is often a projection. This also can trigger and emotional response activating the amygdala more and the pre frontal cortex less where rational conscious thought is said to happen and the amygdala starts to get the body to flood itself with chemicals/hormones.

Its like the fast mind knows conscious awareness will say its wrong. so it blocks it off to defend itself from admitting its wrong. in cases of denial and because it blocked off the rational mind, the responses are often irrational. Like personal attacks do not address the issue or answer the question. I think we can agree people have a very hard time now days admitting when they are wrong, I am not exempt from this myself I do realize. And we can see how badly questions avoidance effects us if you watch political meetings and watch them avoid questions all day long.

Ok, so the first thing to go over is denial as that is the main one I expose with questions. A disowning or refusal to acknowledge something I think is a good definition for it here. There is a really good 2 minute video I use as an example of this. A streamer named vegan gains claiming lobsters have brains after some one said he can eat lobsters because they do not have brains. He googles it and starts to read what it says. When he gets to the part where is says neither insects nor lobsters have brains, he skips it and says they literally are insects then skips over that line and continues to read the rest. Just like in the fast thinking video, his fast mind already read that line and refused to acknowledge it in unconscious denial, and just skipped it.

The person then tells him he skipped it and he reads it again and sees the line this time. Still being defensive of his claim and refusing to accept he was wrong, he tried to discredit the source and its the lobster institute of maine. If you would like to see the video for yourself its 2 minutes by destiny clips and the video is called ” Destiny Reacts To Vegan Gains Ignoring Search Result That Contradicts Him”. Justin turdo avoiding the question of how much his family was paid by the we charity 6 times in a row I think is denial as well. I think jordan peterson not being able to answer his own question of does he believe god exists and asking what do and you mean then saying no one knows what any of those words mean while being seemingly angry is think is another really good example of denial… and projection. And while JP find those words difficult, other people understand them easy. Even he does pretty much any other time they are used.

So projection is next up. Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings. Many times a mind in denial will use projections for responses. Someone getting mad and telling the other person to not interrupt when they have been doing that a lot themselves would be an example. I have done this myself. The people who tell me I dont understand my own questions and my point is wrong when they do not even know what the point is are all examples as well. I ask them to steel man my position to show then understand my point and they just avoid that question as well clearly showing they do not understand my point.

Now we have integration and/or transmutation. Integration is when you bring an unconscious behavior into conscious awareness and accept it. I know that I interrupt people talking sometimes even though I think that is wrong to do. I have a conscious awareness of it, but I have not been able to completely change the behavior…. yet. That is where transmutation comes in. Transmutation is to completely change that unconscious behavior. From being impatient to being patient, of from distrust to trust, hate into understanding and love even.

So was this understandable or confusing?
if you understand it, do you think its possibly true?
Do you have any questions? If you have any tips I am would gladly listen.

William Bolton :

Regardless of whether or not you are religious, this is the dumbest interview that I’ve ever seen. What an utter set-up. Marcel Lee needs to study journalism. This is a good example of what is wrong with the internet: an unpleasant man setting people up to prove his own opinions. Pathetic.

John Richardson :

I would say fuck god, but I realize mythical beings can’t have sexual intercourse

Pip Pipster :

The essential feature of most of these religious 🥜 … is they’re very stupid 🐑

Felipe Medeiros :

Religious brains break apart when confronted with the bare reality of existence

Oldmongreldog :

It’s one of two things number 1 you’re god is a psychotic ,murdering asshole who has abandoned that what he has created or number 2 there is and never was a creator , so that makes humanity the most brutal and hateful life form on planet earth humans kill each other for lust ,greed, jealousy, racism power, and of course we as humans kill each other over religion and I believe that will be our greatest downfall as a species ,enjoy the ride peace out

Jonathan :

But of course an atheist cannot say that child molestation is wrong as under an atheist worldview there are no morals, no good or evil, and no right or wrong.

Danny451 :

“If I saw a child being molested, I would try to stop it. That’s the difference between me and your god.” -Tracy Harris.

kookeluv :

These people are sick!

Keerthana :

You are twisting their words, not showing the whole conversation, you’re not willing to reason with them. You just want them to say yes cuz you think you can prove them and God wrong by their answer.

“The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

Keerthana :

7:30 – sir is on point! Glory to God!

Rashid Williams :

When Jesus Was Born,,King Harod,Ordered the Death Of Every 1st Born,,,God Did Nothing..But,,,,,,,,,,What if God Did Stop it…Then What?
1st,,He Would Have To Service Every Pre-Ordered Crime,Thus,,The Sin ,”Sacrafice” Jesus Performed, Would Be all For Nothing..
In Other Words,,The Question Isn’t,,”Why Does GOD Allow”,,Rather its More,,”How Long Will God Permit Wicketness,Before His Kingdom Come And Crush All These Other Kingdoms,And Stand For Times Indefinite..
In the Bible,,God Says That Some of us Will Be Slaughtered,,Jesus Himself Says This….
And Dont Forget,,,There is No Where in the Bible That Says That Children Will Be Protected From Wicketness..God Himself Killed the 1st Born of Egyptians Remember? “Death” isn’t All What PEOPLE Think..,,,Jesus Called it Nothing More Than Sleep,and on Top of That,,Remember,,ALL THOSE IN THE MEMORIAL TUMBS WILL HERE HIS VOICE AND COME OUT,,INCLUDING CHILDEREN !
Simply Put,,If God Play Superman,,Then Jesus Sacrafice Will Not Be Needed…GOD DOESNT ALLOW,,,,,,,,WICKETNESS IS HERE ,,AND WE MUST DEAL WITH IT.
And One More Thing…Never Forget This Very,,VERY point,,,,,,WHO ARE WE TO QUESTION GOD !!! NEVER FORGET,,GOD GAVE HIS CHILD,,,,,WHY DID GOD ALLOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People Wake Up,,,,,Bro ‘ Thanks,,and God Bless.

Anthony Dunlap :

Man you need to make more Videos !!!!

James Möhler :

7:00 So there is a reason why God needs for children to be molested?

Colin Riley :

They either avoid the question or try and justify babies being raped, there is no evil like religious evil. That was a good video and a great example of the religious thinking

Tim C :

The majority of these people were well indoctrinated in bullshit.


I wouldn’t want to be in the same state with a few of these jokers who are doing contortions for this imaginary god. ShiX people!

Anthony Dunlap :


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