audio review : Consignment ( mixtape ) … Jadakiss

audio review : Consignment ( mixtape ) ... Jadakiss

Jadakiss may be Raspy, but Young Jeezy is grating. When he goes into his “yeah” chant on a song that comes shortly after the annoying voice of French Montana, it makes me want to stop the tape. Nevermind how the rest of it sounds. Why Jadakiss; still the best Lox rapper, though nowhere near the “top five”; chooses to surround himself with this kind of wackness probably has more to do with future sales than anything else. Having their names attached to this set, which serves as a tease for his upcoming album, adds to its promotional buzz. But as far as product quality goes, it would do better without them.

Styles P is a welcomed guest. Dope Boy and Gettin Money have him sharing verses with Jadakiss, which has become a tradition for them. Going back and forth, almost bar for bar, is just what they do when they make songs together. Sheek Louch; the other Lox member; is also featured. And that reminds me how long I’ve been waiting for a new Lox album. It’s been, what, twelve years? But he’s only featured once and on a song that also features Gucci Mane. So yes, there’s rhyme, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason to these guest features; the best of which include a bassy club anthem entitled By The Bar.

my rating : 3 of 5


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