a dream I had about attending an event with tables of free White Castle burgers

It must’ve been some kind of school-related event because I remember seeing Unika from real-life, among other recognizable faces. We were in what seemed to be the first-floor lobby area of a building I’d compare to a smaller version of Cobo Arena in Detroit and it was fairly crowded with mostly young people; hanging around, walking about, eating what seemed to be an endless supply of White Castle burgers. There were sacks and sacks of them; mostly cheese but also plain burgers; placed on fold-out banquet-style tables thru-out the lobby.

I love White Castle burgers, but, for some reason, I didn’t begin grabbing them immediately. I waited, perhaps because I was too busy doing other things; vague memories of girls, sex and having my camera to try to get some of the antics on video come to mind; but once I started eating, it’s like I couldn’t stop. I remember grabbing three or four burgers; trying to be discreet about it; leaving the building and coming back for thirds and fourths; by then, some had been replaced with fresh fish sandwiches; thru-out the evening.

Another cool thing about the event is that some of the rooms connected to the lobby seemed to be actual movie theaters, where you, meaning anyone, could simply walk in and watch a movie on the big screen for free. I remember thinking of going to see one but not doing it because, again, I was busy; walking in and out, focused mainly on the girls; many of whom I know in real life from school or work, some of whom I never liked or talked to much and didn’t in the dream. I passed at least one of the latter on one of my Castle grabs.

2016 ( August 02 )

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