audio review : Love Me Not Love Me Now ( song ) … Ryce + Planet Girl

It sounds like the Girl is saying Love Me Now three times; one of which would make for a song title that’s a lot less awkward and more grammatically correct, thus better, than it actually is. Still the melody of that chorus, sang over a warm summer beat led by what sounds like an old ukelele, is dreamy and delightful. Ryce sounds good too, especially when he too starts to sing.

The song; a quintessential romantic Love song; could easily be a classic if it weren’t so unconventional. It’s not just the title. The structure; a 16-bar chorus followed by an 8-bar verse followed by an 8-bar bridge, then back to the chorus with no ad-libs or anything significant added to peak it out; makes it come across as more of a demo. That’s a shame given how damn groovy it is as is.

my rating : 4 of 5


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