audio review : 2000 ( album ) … Grand Puba

audio review : 2000 ( album ) ... Grand Puba

I don’t know why Grand Puba’s so obsessed with the year 2000; that concept would’ve made a lot more sense if this were released that year or just prior; but he seems to be stuck in the future. The beats; raw boom-bap produced by the likes of Mark Spark and Minnesota; are anything but. They’re also the one good thing about the album.

Puba’s often trying to amuse; cracking jokes and pausing his raps to interpolate old soul songs; but his sense of humor is usually more corny than funny and his skills aren’t Special enough to make up for it. Still the set is a thoroughly decent listen if only for the aforementioned beats, the best of which include I Like It and Change Gonna Come.

my rating : 3 of 5


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