video review : Jackass Forever

video review : Jackass Forever

That the title of this fourth Jackass sequel doesn’t follow in the tradition of the others by utilizing its number in the word Forever is an odd waste of opportunity. It’s also my only major complaint. Bam Margera is relegated to a cameo and Ryan Dunn is dead, but they’re hardly missed. This newest Jackass is every bit as entertaining as the one before it.

It’s even more dangerous as Johnny Knoxville, now 50, gets knocked unconscious by a charging bull. It’s a brief moment of solemnity; he could’ve been paralyzed or killed; among all the wackiness. “Those guys are getting old,” Chris Pontius jokes elsewhere to a fun new cast member named Zach Holmes, “so we’re handing the torch to you.”

my rating : 4 of 5


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