audio review : BB Angel ( album ) … Tinashe

audio review : BB Angel ( album ) ... Tinashe

The worst thing about this project is the silly stylization of its title. “BB/ANG3L”, as it officially goes, is a trendy way of saying Baby Angel, which would’ve suited just fine. Not that these songs have much to do with religion or innocence. One, called None Of My Business, has the singer playing the role of side piece to a potentially married man.

At twenty minutes; about the same length as her Comfort And Joy Christmas set with the same amount of songs; this is more of an EP than the album it’s promoted as. The music is decidedly decent, but perhaps “D&B/ANG3L” would’ve been a better theme as the highlights; Gravity and Tightrope; interpolate drum and bass (jungle) beats.

my rating : 3 of 5


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