My Infamous Life : The Autobiography Of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy ( book ) … Prodigy

My Infamous Life : The Autobiography Of Mobb Deep's Prodigy ( book ) ... Prodigy

I’m not a fan of Prodigy as a rapper. This book, an autobiography grammatically molded by Laura Checkoway, is better than his verses. That assumes everything portrayed here is the truth. It’s hard to tell. He cries over a girl, which even I consider a sucker move, but doesn’t fear fighting big dudes and getting shot at.

In either case, aside from him occasionally swaying from the story to express his thoughts on race and religion, it’s an interesting read. As far as the concept is concerned though, his life before becoming famous should’ve been limited to the prologue so that he could devote more of the book to the Infamous parts.

my rating : 4 of 5


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