a dream I had about my car being repossessed

I don’t remember where I parked my car. I’m thinking it was in the parking lot of my apartment, but it could’ve been at my job or somewhere else. All I know is that when I went to where it was, it was gone. I eventually fouind out that, much to my dismay, it had been “repossessed”. I’d never missed a payment though. In fact, “I overpay my bills,” I seem to remember explaining to someone as rare anger began to build.

Having to walk or catch a bus to go get my car wasn’t the problem. The problem was not knowing what all I had in the car and what the repo people might’ve stolen from it. It was two people; a girl and a guy; the guy might’ve been gay; race black, age probably in their 20s. I could hear their voices as they drove away because, for some reason, I purposely or mistakenly left my Zoom H5 audio recorder on record that day.

It must’ve been set to record the audio live via an internet stream because I could hear them talking about me and joking about taking the cash I had stashed somewhere near the front seats. I think it was a twenty-dollar bill, but it could’ve been much more. It really bothered me that I couldn’t remember what I had, but at least I had the audio evidence, which I had every intention of using if I noticed anything missing.

The end of the dream had me arriving at the place my car was supposed to be. It looked like some sort of factory with people working on machines and possibly driving trucks. It had inside and outside sections. There were chain link fences on the outside. Oz, a guy I know in real life, worked there. I remember him conversing with me about the incident in his dry-witted tone. He told me that “everybody” was talking about it.

2017 ( January 24 )

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