audio review : Doin The Fool ( song ) … E-40 + Too Short ( featuring Pastor Troy + Pimp C )

The beat is a slapper. It’s a distorted drum loop led by a monster bassline and nothing else, but its ghetto simplicity serves as part of its allure. The song starts with a burp because it’s for, and by, “playa-ass niggas” who like to get tipsy and fuck bitches. “I told her I’d buy her some clothes,” Too Short says, “but I be lying to hoes.” E-40, whose verse proves that style over substance can be a damn good thing if you have the charisma to pull it off, fucked one at his place and shot a “fat-ass” cum shot on her breasts.

Doin the fool, which means the same as acting (like) a fool; my only complaint about the song is that potentially confusing twist on what was already a perfectly suitable slang phrase; encompasses more than sex and drugs (alcohol/weed) though. It also has to do with money, guns, flashy vehicles and 64-dollar cologne; the latter of which Pimp C flaunts to attract hoes, taking us back full circle. But make no mistake about it. This one is for the guys; all you “haters” included, “just to let you know this shit don’t stop.”

my rating : 4 of 5


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