Barnum’s Animals

Barnum's Animals

I’m against caving in to PC pressure, which is part of the reason Barnum And Bailey stopped doing circus shows; activists protested because animals were allegedly mistreated; but the “new look” on the box makes sense. The illustrated animals have been in cages since these Crackers were first introduced to the world. Now, after well over a hundred years, they’re free.

It’s a slick metaphor to mark the end of Barnum’s circus, but they’re not really crackers. They’re cookies; shortbread cookies; just like the ones from McDonaldland with a taste that’s nearly indistinguishable. It’s a sweet buttery vanilla-like if not fortune-cookie-like blend that, when eaten with vanilla ice cream or a cup of milk, tastes even better than most animal meat.

my rating : 4 of 5

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