audio review : Burning ( album ) … Deep Forest

audio review : Burning ( album ) ... Deep Forest

It would make more sense for the concept if Burning Sun and Sunriser were switched around, but at least they have proper titles. Most of the others; not the songs but their titles; sound like they’re still in the demo stage. It’s also odd how the album starts with the longest songs, leaving what’s supposed to be the second half considerably shorter than the first.

Technical gripes aside, there is decent music to be heard. Deep Forest; now a pseudonym for Éric Mouquet; may no longer hold the mystique of its 1990s heyday, but this project fares well enough. Nothing matches Sweet Lullaby or Lament; the vocals here are limited to short bits; but Allison is pretty and Who Did That has the potential to be a (dance) club favorite.

my rating : 3 of 5