video review : Mean Girls

video review : Mean Girls

Mean Girls, which focuses on a high school freshman named Cady, never really gets good, but it’s an interesting watch all the while. That’s thanks mainly to its charming array of colorful characters, trendy music and classy backdrops. The whole cool-teen-flick atmosphere goes down to near perfection, but the plot, along with much of the awkward dialogue and odd comedy attempts, fails it.

The story revolves around Cady’s introduction to life in modern America, after growing-up home-schooled by her parents in ancient Africa, and the social politics that come with it. She’s instantly cliqued by a trio of girls called The Plastics; also known as the hottest girls in the school; and two artsy outsiders who hate them and want nothing more than to use her to penetrate their inner circle.

my rating : 3 of 5


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