audio review : Dance Tonight ( song ) … Lucy Pearl

This song; about going to, and having fun at, a lavish nightclub; represents each member of Lucy Pearl at their best. That means Raphael Saadiq and Dawn Robinson, over one of Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s sleekest beats, have rarely, if ever, sounded better.

They both have nice singing voices, but it’s the melodies that sell it, especially during the verses. If not for Robinson’s background vocals during the chorus, they’d easily upstage it and throw everything off balance. Not that the drinks aren’t doing that already.

There are no red cups in this establishment. That’s Cristal or Dom Pérignon in those glasses. Everyone’s feeling a little tipsy and a little frisky as they shake their bodies; Robinson’s being one of the most attractive among them; on the packed Dance floor.

my rating : 5 of 5


audio review : Dance Tonight ( song ) ... Lucy Pearl

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