the Lumix GH6

the Lumix GH6

My one big complaint with this camera, which follows the GH5, is that you no longer have the ability to focus manually via Touch screen by wiggling your finger on the subject. It’s an incredibly useful feature that seems to have been simply overlooked this time around. Minor flaws include noisier blacks at low ISOs and the fact that the new confusing Dynamic Range Boost isn’t automatic.

The Lumix GH6 is otherwise a worthy successor. It’s better than the GH5 if only in a technical sense as it has more to offer when it comes to overall specs, including “even more robust image stabilization”. The ability to shoot open gate on the 4:3 sensor means it’s also possible to reframe vertically in post without losing any resolution, which now goes up to 5.7K, and that’s just splendid.

my rating : 4 of 5

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