audio review : The Contract [ Grand Theft Auto ] ( EP ) … Dr Dre

audio review : The Contract ( EP ) ... Dr Dre

“I see the way the game played,” Dr Dre declares at one point. If that’s a subliminal reference to the concept of this EP; a soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto; his penmen are more clever than they seem. This is, on paper, a random set of new Dre songs; a rarity these days, like the renowned producer making a beat on his own.

These six songs are co-produced; if not, as I suspect, solely produced; by different people. That, along with the fact that Dre, like dinnermate Puffy, is known to Contract ghostwriters, makes this EP his in the loosest sense. That it sounds more like Compton than another dose of the Chronic is more or less a sign of the times.

my rating : 3 of 5


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