audio review : Platinum OG 2 ( album ) … Spice 1

audio review : Platinum OG 2 ( album ) ... Spice 1

I don’t know what made Spice 1 think his Platinum OG album warranted a sequel, but the title is the least of its oddities. More baffling is the decision to put a random photo of 2Pac on the cover and invite a slew of guest rappers; every song has at least one; when the concept is about his own legacy.

That last bit is the worst thing about this project as Sway Calloway interrupts the playlist with a total of five Talks. He commemorates Spice 1 as if attending his funeral, but the interludes are out of place and only serve to annoy. The best songs include Come Out With Me, Not Easy and Real G’s.

my rating : 3 of 5


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