video review : Rosewood

video review : Rosewood

The problem with Rosewood, based on a massacre that happened in 1923 after a “nigger” allegedly beat and raped a white woman, is that it goes on for too long. It’s a few days condensed to about 140 minutes, but the plot could’ve rolled more productively in two-thirds the time.

There’s lots of unnecessary filler, including subtle hints of a very unnecessary romance, but the action scenes; if black people being lynched, shot and hung qualifies as such; are generally worth the wait. If it’s not entertainment, it’s at least something interesting to watch.

I’ll just add that the south back then wasn’t only filled with racists; the whites were racist toward the blacks and the blacks were racist right back; but also sexists and ageists as the lives of men were considered expendable in comparison to the lives of women and children.

my rating : 3 of 5


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