question : What do you think of The Westboro Baptist Church and their assertion that God hates fags?

As far as the validity of religion goes, I don’t think The Westboro Baptist Church is much different than any other Christian church. They’re all based on faith, which is stupid. The one significant difference is that The Westboro Baptist Church, headed by Fred Phelps and Shirley Phelps, is more outspoken than most when it comes to sins; specifically the sin of being gay; and thus the target of more criticism from a society in which gay people are becoming increasingly more accepted and protected.

But from everything I’ve heard and read about Christianity, the views of that particular church does reflect what it says in their source book; The Bible. It’s just that, unlike most other churches, they present their views without cowarding under the moral diplomacy of modern society. In other words, The Bible implies that homosexuality is a sin and people who “commit” that sin will forever burn in Hell if they don’t repent. If true, that would certainly serve as evidence for the claim that God hates fags.

On the other hand, The Bible’s ambiguity makes it a collection of contradictions in which God can hate fags and love them at the same time, fags can go to Hell and Heaven at the same time, and perhaps any sin can be unsinned with repentance. It all depends on individual interpretation. That’s part of what makes The Bible, Christianity and religion in general so ridiculous. The main thing that makes them so ridiculous is that they assume there really is a such thing as God in the first place.

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