audio review : 13 And Good ( song ) … KRS-One

I’m surprised to hear a song like this from KRS-One. It’s a story about him having sex with a girl who’s thirteen years old, which, as far as the law is concerned, makes him a rapist. That’s despite the fact that the girl never bothered to tell him her age until he asked. By then it was too late. They’d already done it and she’d already began to develop romantic feelings for him. “I want to be with you forever,” she tells him the next morning.

It’s a tricky predicament and a serious issue for people who go to parties looking for sex, but KRS-One handles it with misplaced satire by getting the girl’s Pops involved and ending the story with an outrageous twist. What her father does is possible but extremely unlikely under the circumstances. It’s a major turn-off on a song that was relatively believable until that point. The pointless “moral” epilogue makes it worse.

my rating : 3 of 5


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