a dream I had about seeing an airplane going down outside my window

I was in what I guess was my room, near the window on my left, when I saw it; an airplane landing right outside. It couldn’t have been more than about 20 or 30 feet away. I don’t know what that space was; I’d guess a parking lot or walkway of sorts; but I know it wasn’t a landing strip. That meant the plane must’ve been making an emergency landing, the kind pilots make when their plane is already falling and they have no choice but to land where they are and hope for the best.

It wasn’t a huge plane, but it was big enough; a duo-colored or multi-colored one with what seemed like artistic designs or logos on it. It’s not like I had time to study it or anything. I only got a quick glimpse as it glid pass my window, already a few feet from touching the ground. Tobe saw it too. He was in another room, the main room adjacent to where I was facing, but I could hear him react in sudden amazement. “Jeez!” he might’ve said as he saw it go pass the window in that room.

My immediate reaction was to grab my video camera, which I did, before rushing out of my room to the one Tobe, and his kids who apparently hadn’t seen it, were in. “Did you see that?” “Yeah!” “What??” “A airplane went right by the window!” “How big was it??” “It was-” … I don’t remember our exact words, but one of the kids did ask how big it was. I remember starting to say it was real big before thinking to myself that it only seemed that way because it was so close to the window.

It ended-up being even smaller than I thought and what was clearly an airplane when I saw it thru the window was now, or actually, a helicopter. I could see that because we’d ran outside, a short distance from the house, where it hadn’t landed but crashed… in what seemed like an alleyway. It was right there, damaged but mostly in tact, tangled in what I think were some trees, against the wall-like barrier that bordered the left side of the alley. There was a man walking toward us.

“You okay,” I asked, to which he said yes. His clothes were torn and he was bruised, but otherwise he looked okay. “I thought you were landing,” I said, “because you were coming down so smooth.” He kind of smiled as we walked pass each other. I guess he was going for help as me and Tobe, I guess the kids too, got closer to the fallen helicopter, where another person sat or lay. “Are you okay?” “Yes,” she said. I told her the same thing about landing and she sort of smiled too.

They were apparently the only two in the helicopter, which I swear had been a plane; white people probably in their 40s. Maybe husband and wife. I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted video and may have even went to set my camera up; I wanted it on a tripod to prevent the shaky handheld look; as I wondered if she or anyone else would care. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though. I was thinking of putting it on the barrier opposite to where the helicopter was when I awoke.

2015 ( June 30 )

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