audio review : Electric Café ( album ) … En Vogue

audio review : Electric Café ( album ) ... En Vogue

Though the title song has them sounding more like The B-52s, En Vogue are back. Member changes, getting older and what looks like some cosmetic surgery make them virtually unrecognizable, but they’re still Funky Divas who were Born To Sing.

They do so quite Good here. Yeah, the old hits are better than most of what’s playing in this Electric Café; their trademark harmonization seems to be lacking; but it works as decent-enough background music to energize yourself with a cup of java to.

my rating : 3 of 5


RJ Mr No Nonsense :

Fool there is no cosmetic surgery so stop that silly shit now!

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  1. These girls look exactly the same, and have not have aged, or gone under the knife at all. Maybe you were on meds when you wrote this?? smh..

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