audio review : All For You ( album ) … Janet Jackson

audio review : All For You ( album ) ... Janet Jackson

It’s All For me? I don’t know if she’s referring to her album or her body; she’s lying in bed nude on the cover photo; but I’ll take them both. The former is her best yet. Its title track, a sexy party classic, is her best song yet. The latter is, at one point, dripping with honey.

“Ooh Baby,” she murmurs, but making Love is a euphemism. It’s a rainy night and Janet is horny. She wants to get fucked then do the fucking. “I just wanna kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you,” she demands, “Make you cum too.” This is Janet Jackson porn music and I’m all in.

Props to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who, with help from Rockwilder, provide the melodic songstress a host of innovative soundscapes. The Son Of A Gun beat is fire, but Carly Simon is almost as annoying as the Interludes, which continue to flaw Janet Jackson’s albums.

I could mention the order of the songs; the album is clumpy with fast dance and slow sex songs during its first half; but that would border on nitpicking. All For You is both praiseworthy and thankworthy. So thank you Janet, Jimmy and Terry. I really appreciate it.

my rating : 4 of 5


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