audio review : Spell My Name ( album ) … Toni Braxton

audio review : Spell My Name ( album ) ... Toni Braxton

It seems ever since her Divorce; ex Babyface actually provides a bonus song for this album; Toni Braxton has been a horny cougar. Her last album was called Sex And Cigarettes. The title song on this one has her asking a “young’un” if he “Wanna play”. It’s a fuck game called Spell My Name. The pedophilic undertones would be okay with me in any case; music is art; but the amount of eyebrows that would raise if Braxton was a male is an embodiment of sexist double standards.

The most obvious blunder here is that there are two versions of Do It. The original, released a few months ago, is a soothing breakup ballad. It’s also one of her best songs. The new one, which should’ve been replaced with the Babyface (Nothin) bonus, is an inferior remix of sorts featuring the annoying vocals of Missy Elliott. Fallin, about falling in love; every song on the album is enveloped in romance; is groovy though. OVERr, another breakup ballad, is another standout.

my rating : 3 of 5