audio review : Remember Me ( song ) … RBX + Sticky Fingaz + Eminem

Eminem may have the best verse; Sticky Fingaz is a close second; but him being on this song sort of goes against the concept of it. Sticky and RBX introduced themselves to the world in 1992. Eminem’s only been famous for just over a year, so his Remember Me quotes seem silly compared to what came before them.

The “can of gas” line is classic though. I also like the “trenchcoats” and “out shooting” bits. Sticky Fingaz offers some funny lines of his own. “I get more pussy than them dyke bitches Total,” he boasts. RBX’s sole standout has him threatening to “hit your ass like the train hit that bitch that got Banned From TV.”

my rating : 4 of 5


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