video review : Paranormal Activity : Next Of Kin

video review : Paranormal Activity : Next Of Kin

This is the best movie in the Paranormal Activity series, but that’s hardly a compliment. There are now seven parts and still none of them are good. The reason Next Of Kin comes the closest has to do with how far it trips from the original concept; labeling this a Paranormal Activity sequel comes across as a total cash grab; and unshackles itself to become a traditional horror flick.

The last third is actually quite thrilling. At that point, Margot; the Kin bit is about her and the mother she never knew; is allowed bloody grimaces because she no longer has to carry the movie with her cute looks. There are plenty of narrative flaws; her Amish family is scary enough without all the supernatural cowshit; but the ending leaves you wanting more. That’s a first for the franchise.

my rating : 3 of 5


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