video review : Jackass [ The Movie ]

video review : Jackass [ The Movie ]

There has to be something said about grown men reckless enough to humiliate and endanger themselves, literally risking permanent injury if not death, for the sake of a good laugh. Slapstick comedy is the rule for MTV’s Jackass. This Movie version, stripped of television censorship and the controversy that comes with testing the boundaries of it, takes it to the extreme.

From carting thru flying rocks to sticking toy cars up their rectums, you wonder what kind of testosterone, adrenaline or peer pressure it takes to motivate these dim-witted stuntmen. They’re a cross between Super Dave Osborne and The Three Stooges, but, with no wit or narrative cohesion to hold your interest, shock is the only value a Movie like this has to offer.

my rating : 3 of 5


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