video review : Jackass Number Two

video review : Jackass Number Two

There’s a scene here in which a guy is about to sit on a frozen sculpture molded into the shape of a horse. The goal is to sprinkle water on his testicles so that they’ll stick to the horse as he sits on it. Amidst a few seconds of hesitation, or perhaps a smidgen of common sense starting to emerge, his friend says, “Don’t think about; just do it.”

That’s the philosophy as they up the ante by humiliating and endangering themselves even more than they did in the first Movie. From bullfighting to leeching their eyeballs to drinking animal sperm to eating shit, little is left to the imagination as Johnny Knoxville and his gang further blur the line between comedy and disgust.

It’s extreme shock value; still the only interesting thing they have to offer. That’s fine when it’s funny. When it isn’t, and it usually isn’t, you’re left with the realization that you’re watching a crew of clowns having more fun behind the screen than you are watching them. At that point, you have to ask yourself who the Jackass really is.

my rating : 3 of 5


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