audio review : Innocence ( album ) … Kenny G

audio review : Innocence ( album ) ... Kenny G

An album of lullabies? Why not? It seems Kenny G stopped making regular (nonconceptual) albums years ago. Entering the genre of baby sleep music also serves as an unintentional quip at critics who complain that his music is boring. He should’ve used a different title though. Innocence brings to mind that song from The Moment.

There are only seven originals here. The rest are covers; the worst thing about the set. Mixing them, as opposed to just making a full-on cover album, is even more of a misstep. Still the project ultimately serves its purpose. I’d prefer a lead piano, even guitar, over a sax, but; screw the kids; it’s pleasant and serene enough to put me to sleep.

my rating : 3 of 5


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