audio review : The Moment ( album ) … Kenny G

audio review : The Moment ( album ) ... Kenny G

This album begins beautifully. The first twenty seconds of the title song consist of a piano riff that is truly enchanting. It reminds me of a mix between the Sleeps score from Pretty Woman and Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. It’s The Moment Kenny G begins playing his signature sax that things start to go awry. That’s not a knock on his skills; just to say that the slightly irritating sound of a saxophone playing the melodies he’s playing ruins what could’ve been a classic song.

There are none here, but The Champion’s Theme, which really should be an official sports theme, comes close. Peaking with marching band drums and what sounds like the cymbals of ancient Olympia, it is perhaps Kenny G’s greatest musical triumph. Producer Walter Afanasieff also deserves a lot of the credit. What the album would do better without are the two songs with vocals; Toni Braxton and Babyface are featured respectively; a tradition Kenny G seems stuck on.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Jesus Is King ( album ) … Kanye West

audio review : Jesus Is King ( album ) ... Kanye West

Kanye West really only has four proper albums; the first three, which could be referred to as the College trilogy, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which could be considered his magnum opus. The others come across as oddball concept albums. This Jesus set is no exception.

It’s the Kanye West gospel album, though, at a mere 27 minutes, it’s barely an album at all. Ye, his previous release, is the same way; a short set with short songs. The former “short” bit is forgivable. Songs matter more than albums, which are basically just a way to group songs. It’s the latter that irks.

These songs aren’t bad; Hands On and Closed On Sunday actually sound good; but they’re held back by time restraints. Imagine if On God ended with an uplifting choir chorus or if the one on Selah played again after the second verse. This is like the rough demo version of a good Kanye West album.

His voice is grating on God Is and Use This Gospel is led by what sounds like the noise my car makes when I open the door with the key in the ACC position, but it’s cool to hear Kenny G on a rap album and Water sounds like an updated version of the Endolude from MC Eiht’s We Come Strapped.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Jesus Is Born ( album ) … Sunday Service

audio review : Brazilian Nights ( album ) … Kenny G

audio review : Brazilian Nights ( album ) ... Kenny G

The title is spot on. It doesn’t tell you it’s a bossa nova album; the repetitive use of “Bossa” in the songlist is a clue; but it doesn’t have to. The genre is globally associated with Brazil, a country Kenny G has apparently taken a liken to. Paradise, from years back, if you remember, begins with Brazil; a song that wouldn’t sound out of place here.

Brazilian Nights serves wine-fine as, if nothing else, background mood music. There’s nothing even close to being a classic standout to my ears; dare I say the slightly annoying sound of a saxophone is generally the worst part of any Kenny G album; but I wouldn’t object to it playing softly at, say, an outside dinner party serving Brazilian food.

my rating : 3 of 5