a dream I had about a girl and her sister

I sprung a crush on this girl when I first laid eyes on her. It was mainly physical; she was a cute brown African-American with puffy ridges underneath her eyes as if she hadn’t slept in a long time. Actualy meeting and conversating with her made me fall for her friendly personality too. But it was still mainly a physical, romantic, sexual thing.

I don’t think I knew she had a sister at the time, but when I met her sister; a taller, probably slightly older version of herself; I’m guessing they shared the same mother and father because they looked so much alike, right down to the sleepless eye ridges; a day or few later, I sort of developed a crush on her too. She was only slightly less attractive.

Randy must’ve told her I liked her sister, or maybe her sister told her she liked me; there was obvious chemistry between us; because she accentuated it during our conversation. There was a big social event; a weekend series of concerts and parties; coming in upper Michigan. They were all planning to vacate there. She asked if I was going too.

I said yeah. I wasn’t as excited about going. I generally try to avoid loud noises. But I figured it would be a fun experience; one that would give me more one-on-one time with her sister. She, playing the role of unresentful match-maker, apparently had the same idea. As she walked away, she made a joke about me and her sister having sex at the hotel.

2012 [ September 20 ]

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