a dream I had about seeing two dragons fighting in the night sky

I was outside, sitting down or standing up, when I happened to look up to the night sky as I sometimes do, expecting to see maybe a few distant stars. What I saw shocked me like I’ve never been shocked before. It was two huge dragons fighting. At least I assume they were fighting. They could have been jousting playfully, in some kind of macho show of dominance, as many animals do. All I knew was that what I was seeing was truly spectacular.

Dragons weren’t supposed to be real, of course, and I knew that. So I pondered in my mind, if only for a moment, the possibility that I was dreaming. It was a possibility I quickly ruled-out because, I thought, I obviously wasn’t. I’d think I’d always be able to tell I’m dreaming if I questioned it in a dream, but not this time. In hindsight, it could’ve been some kind of elaborate optical illusion, a man-made farce of sorts, but I was convinced that what I was seeing was real.

It wasn’t just my eyes telling me this, though there they were, just as clear as anything else in my field of view; two huge dragons flying around, tussling in the night sky. I could also hear them. Every time their bodies clashed, I could hear the thump. That, even more than the visual aspect, is what really convinced me. I would certainly have been more skeptical in real life, but I guess I figured such sounds would be too hard to hoax.

What I did, within seconds of noticing the dragons, was probably the best, or smartest, thing I could’ve done. I grabbed my camera; not the iPod Touch, but the Sony HDR-CX110 I generally use for HD (“1080p”) video; and began to record. I clearly remember holding it up and panning around to keep them in the frame as much as I could as they dipped and dashed about, sometimes getting scarily close.

That’s “close” in the sense that they might notice me and try to eat me or something. It’s hard to tell how far away they actually were. I don’t know how big they were and I’m generally not good at judging distances, but I’d guess it had to be a matter of miles. They were far away enough so that you wouldn’t necessarily notice them unless you happened to be looking up and the sounds weren’t necessarily loud enough to make you look up.

I did look around at some point to see if anyone else had noticed them, either on their own or by me recording them, but I didn’t see anyone, which made my video all the more important. I knew I was capturing something phenomenal; I assume I was thoughtful enough to make sure the red “record” light was on, though I don’t remember checking for it; so I stayed there recording, both standing still and dashing myself toward the entrance of the hotel or whatever building it was I was just outside of when their heads turned my way.

I recorded them until I lost them. I don’t remember exactly how that happened. I assume they simply flew away. I didn’t wait as long as I probably should have to see if they would come back because I was too anxious to go upstairs and transfer the video file to my computer, external hard-drives and, of course, the internet. Besides a massive plug for my site and overnight fame, I knew I had the potential to make a lot of money from it.

I was ecstatic as I went into the building and raced up a long series of stairwells, crowded with people and food; servers with dishes and pans and… I don’t know. This part is foggy. I just know that I was headed up to one of the higher floors, where my computer was. That’s what makes me think it was a hotel of some kind, or maybe a big apartment building and I lived in a suite. There was something else interesting, or other interesting things, going on in my life, but the dragon video was at the top of the list.

2013 ( October 05 )

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