audio review : Do What U Want ( song ) … Lady Gaga ( featuring R Kelly )

Janet Jackson said to “have your way with me” in her Want You ballad. Gaga gets a bit more explicit. “Do what you want to my body,” she offers to sex partner R Kelly as I imagine her sprawled nude on a bed. It, letting someone do what they want to your body, is the ultimate act of submission and that gives the song an extra kinky underlining.

I, for one, would love for a young lady with a body like Gaga to tell me that and mean it, though she might regret it before I’m done. That chorus is also the best part of the song. Flaws, such as the use of the word “party” as a metaphor for having sex and R Kelly pronouncing “want” in a way that doesn’t rhyme with “blunt”, are minor and few.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Artpop ( album ) ... Lady Gaga

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