a dream I had about a freaky bisexual girl

The last thing I remember is silently signaling for Chris and them to pass me my camera as the two girls kissed right there in front of us. One was like a real-life girl I know named Shelbi with a little Bayda or maybe even some Rugina mixed in; a biracial (bisexual) Kat Stacks type of ho who’d expose her bare tits in a room full of horny “niggas”, let them grab them and let them rub them, because she liked the attention. In fact, that’s what was happening before she walked over and started tongue-kissing the other quieter more reserved girl.

Both were young, probably no older than around 20, and sexy as fuck. Sneaking a video of them kissing and caressing each other while standing-up and possibly (hopefully) going on to take it even further for us was the extent of my participation though. Seconds earlier, I’d watched as Chris, a guy who seemed like a real-life friend of my sister’s I’d just met, and one or two other guys rubbed on the one girl’s tits with happy grins. I wanted to join-in but resisted if only to distance myself from any future accusations of sexual assault.

2014 ( May 01 )

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