audio review : Enjoy ( song ) … Janet Jackson

“Just enjoy the simple things, enjoy the day life brings,” Janet Jackson says, “Enjoy the gift of life.” That’s great advice, it seems, but she shouldn’t tell people to enjoy things because it’s not really up to them. It’s an automatic response. They either enjoy it or they don’t. Not that logical psychology matters here. This is a simple summer song with its head stuck in the clouds. That’s “simple” in concept. The music is actually fairly complex.

The drums and bass should be set more prominently in the mix; I’d probably add a rougher effect on the bass and pan the snares with a stereo delay; but listen for the little experimental loop that plays along with them. It sounds like a sample of some kind, but probably not. This is a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production, after all, accommodated by sweet lead vocals and a thick syrupy layer of backgrounds on the chorus. Enjoyable? Yes.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : 20 YO ( album ) ... Janet Jackson

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