audio review : Break Up To Make Up ( song ) … The Stylistics

When it comes to romantic relationships; the serious kind where two people meet, fall in love and move-in together; this is a song concept I bet most guys can relate to. That’s because it’s only natural to fall in and out, and out and in, of “love” with people, sometimes within the course of just a few months or weeks.

In this case, it’s the girl with the wishy-washy heart as the guy; Russell Thompkins in trademark falsetto; tries to keep her happy. “What does it take to please you,” he asks. But if the love-hate thing is “a game for fools”, he’s even more foolish for putting himself in a position where his happiness depends on another’s.

In other words, don’t worry about doing what it takes to please her or make her happy. That’s too much effort to spend on one girl. Besides, some girls are never satisfied. So take your melodic vocals and use them on another one; a satisfiable, thus satisfying, one with an ear for soul music. That’s what I’d do.

my rating : 4 of 5


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