a dream I had about a man and a woman near the end of their romance

I don’t know if it was a movie I was making or what, but it was about a man and a woman; black race, 20-or-30-something years old; in a monogamous romantic relationship. They were hanging-out all day together, on an extended date of sorts, going to different places. By the time evening came, all he wanted to do was go home or back to the hotel, whichever it was, to get some rest. She wasn’t tired though and wanted to continue on. There was no argument or anything like that. She said that it was okay for him to retire for the day. But he didn’t want her to go on without him, especially dressed up the way she was.

She was already a slender beauty, but that red dress, or whatever elegant garb it was she was wearing, made her look particularly stunning. She also had a gentle personality to match, which made it all the more difficult for him to walk away. He did eventually, but he didn’t go far. He stayed around, separated from her by several steps, as they strolled individually thru what seemed like a huge building; possibly the hotel they might’ve been staying in; passing people who danced at fancy balls, ate expensive food and engaged in casual conversations. He wanted to go but wanted her to want to go with him. She didn’t.

It seemed I played the role of the man, but I don’t know because it also seemed I was the one making; shooting and directing; the movie, if that’s what it was. It could’ve been a sort of dramatic TV show or even real life. I wouldn’t have been involved in a monogamous relationship though and I don’t think I would’ve felt as heartbroken as he felt about losing her, which is actually what was happening via metaphor. By getting tired and leaving, and there was a hint that this wasn’t the first time it happened, he may as well have been introducing her to another man. That’s what made that final separation scene so poignant.

2017 ( August 14 )

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