audio review : The Gift Of Gab ( album ) … E-40

audio review : The Gift Of Gab ( album ) ... E-40

E-40 does have, as the idiom goes, the gift of gab. He had it better in his younger days. Go back and listen to how he changed his delivery and flow from song to song on The Element Of Surprise, Charlie Hustle and Loyalty/Betrayal albums. Even today the rapper usually has something interesting to say. It’s his lack of skill when it comes to overall song-making that’s been his aesthetic downfall.

This album, reportedly the first in yet another set; this one having to do with defining the title of each entry with a mock dictionary site or app cover picture; is about as weak as his last several. That includes the B-Legit and Too Short collaboration albums. These Days, featuring Yhung TO, is a minor highlight, but most of the beats and especially the lazy (ass) hooks are notably inferior to the verses.

my rating : 2 of 5


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