a dream I had about walking to a college campus and teleporting back home to get my car

I had already walked pass my old high school or at least the student parking lot, where I imagined how much easier it would have been to get to and from school if I had a car, or at least a driver’s license, when I went there. There were feelings of nostalgia, but I didn’t stay around long for fear of being arrested for trespassing or something worse. There were plenty of teenage girls there, after all, and it seems I’m finding myself more and more living in a society in which a guy even looking at a girl from afar can be deemed sexual “harassment”. Besides, my main destination was the college, apparently Wayne State University, just up the street.

It took a matter of minutes to walk there from the high school and what an inviting scene it was. It was a warm spring or fall, maybe even summer, day; the weather was gorgeous or at least unassuming enough not to cause me any problems; and there were people, mostly students, many of them sexy young women, talking and walking about. It was fairly crowded, not only because of classes but in anticipation for what seemed to be some sort of social event, like some sort of big club party, starting later that day. I wanted to be there, if only to get video of it, but figured it would go on late into the night, which meant I didn’t want to be walking home in the dark.

With that in mind; and here’s the crazy part of the dream; I walked out from the campus area to the sidewalk near the main street, which seemed like Woodward Avenue, put my stuff (bags) down and bent down into a sitting position to see if I could “conjure” my car, which was at home, by closing my eyes and concentrating hard enough. I thought I had, but, when I opened my eyes, I could see I was at home in bed; I think I looked up at my ceiling fan in real life; and could simply walk outside to my car and drive back to the school, which is what I prepared to do; I remember trying to remember whether or not I took a shower; before waking up for real.

2018 ( August 25 )

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