audio review : Xodus ( album ) … X Clan

audio review : Xodus ( album ) ... X Clan

Professor X should rap more. The tribesman does so on only a few songs here; his flamboyant bars actually sound more like spoken-word poetry; but he’s a delight to listen to. Fire And Earth, on which him and lead MC Brother J go back and forth, is a standout. Other songs follow in the bootprints of the first album by relying on familiar soul samples to make funky their philosophical and religious lessons.

What’s interesting is what the Clan has to say. The Foreplay intro hints at intellectual hypocrisy, but this isn’t about hitting groupie skins. It’s all about The Blackwatch Movement; a race-based “spearhead” for the Afrocentric “weapon” known as black nationalism. When they’re not rapping, Professor X, The Overseer, is still uplifting his race by giving “vanglorious” speeches and calling people sissies.

my rating : 3 of 5


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