audio review : Didn’t Mean To Kill A Man ( song ) … Max B

I’m guessing “the icy man” is the man who drove the ice cream truck. Max B says his mom wouldn’t give him money to buy some as a kid because “she’d rather go see the dealer”. It seems he’s suggesting her drug addiction set him on the wrong path. These vocals were recorded not in a posh studio but a prison as he serves what was initially a life sentence for killing a man.

That makes the title, which would be better if it included the word “I”, and concept a bit of a surprise, though the alleged crime is only mentioned in a hook that further establishes the rapper slash singer as the best in the game. The beat, led by a poignant piano loop, is also a banger. My only major complaint is that it doesn’t continue to play after the final chorus section.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Charly ( EP ) ... Max B

audio review : Charly ( EP ) … Max B

audio review : Charly ( EP ) ... Max B

Charly Wingate, better known as Max B, is still in prison and I still don’t know how he’s making what sounds like studio music from there. He’s supposed to be released next year. Perhaps he should’ve waited till then to release these songs, which sound like the start of what could be a damn good album.

I said “start”, but the order is off. Porno Music 2; a sequel that, without a careful comparative analysis, seems to match, if not outmatch, the 2009 original; should come later in the set. It’s song two of five, perhaps because of the “2”, but it should be song four or three. That’s my only major gripe here.

The lame title is more forgivable, especially when you’re distracted by a catchy chorus. This EP, which is better than the crowded House Money, confirms that Max B is still the best relatively famous rapper when it comes to singing hooks. He’s just warming up on the first song. It gets better from there.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : House Money ( EP ) … Max B

audio review : House Money ( EP ) ... Max B

I don’t know how Max B is recording what sounds like studio-quality vocals in prison, but you’d swear he made this EP in early 2009. That is to say the rapper hasn’t missed a beat.

The best songs are the ones he’s singing on, of course, as he should be doing on every one. When he just raps the hooks, as on Ride On Em and Super Bad, it just doesn’t sound as “wavy”.

Almost every song features a guest rapper. French Montana, Jadakiss and others drop by the Blackjack table, though the illusion is thrown off when one mentions him being in prison.

my rating : 3 of 5