Little Debbie Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream

Little Debbie Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream

This Chocolate version is an alternative to Little Debbie’s plain Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream. I prefer the latter, but they both serve as tasty treats. The Chocolate here tastes like fudge or hot cocoa, which makes for an especially yummy experience when you melt it down to a goo.

my rating : 4 of 5

Bibigo Multigrain Medley : Brown Rice | Quinoa

Bibigo Multigrain Medley : Brown Rice | Quinoa

I imagine this is what prison loaf tastes like. The Bibigo catchphrase is to “share Korean flavor”. If this is how Koreans eat, I’m glad to live in the USA. That’s not to say this Multigrain Medley, the ingredients list of which is impressively simple/healthy, isn’t edible, but it’s barely so. It’s best to ignore the “1 serving per container” bit and share a bowl.

my rating : 2 of 5

a dream I had about living in an apartment with a dining room

“Is this really here,” I asked myself as I opened and closed and opened again the little window partition thingy, looking out at what, at least on this particular dawn, looked like an enchanted garden. It wasn’t mine; it was my neighbor’s yard; but the view was, along with the dining room I was standing in. I actually had my own dining room. It seemed too good to be true. That’s why I thought I may have been dreaming.

I used to think I couldn’t ponder dreaming in a dream, that I’d instantly awake at the thought, but there I was, in my new apartment, standing in a room I never knew existed. I say “never”, but I’d only lived there for a matter of days if not hours. It was early morning, still dark outside, and I remembered being there the previous day. I hadn’t yet discovered the dining room, but there was another spectacular view at the back.

That back room served as the main living room slash bedroom and its view was even better than the garden. It was higher up, as if I was somehow on a higher floor there than in the dining room, and I could see not only somewhat of a cityscape but what seemed like a neighbor’s roof patio. I could actually look down and see people; spy on them; cooking, relaxing or doing whatever people do on roof patios.

Aside from the views and dining room; I couldn’t believe I had my own (unshared) dining room; the apartment wasn’t much different than the one I have in real life. It was bigger though and the entrance door wasn’t attached to the main room but the kitchen. I remember observing my next-door neighbor; a slim white girl with long brownish hair; before walking in. I later thought of inviting her to my dining room.

“Is this really here,” I’d asked myself; I could actually hear the partition thingy creaking as I opened and closed it; just before waking up. The answer was no. Not only wasn’t the garden and dining room there, but neither was the apartment. It was all a dream. Awaking in my little, albeit new, apartment, with no dining room or practical views, was a disappointment. Still it’s not bad for real life. In fact I quite like it.

2023 [ August 27 ]