a dream I had about working for AVI

I was working for AVI. Nina, William and I were at what seemed like a huge school building. Me and William were inside moving tables toward the exit as Nina pulled the blue van around outside. I must’ve come to the job late or something because someone had us using the main exit door; the one in the middle with the most traffic; instead of the one closest to us with less traffic. That’s “traffic” meaning students, probably high school or middle school kids, rushing in and out.

“Why don’t we use that door,” I might’ve asked William, “It’s closer plus it’s less traffic.” From what I could tell, it simply made more sense to use that door. It was a straight shot out. “I don’t know,” he would’ve replied with a look of ignorance, “That’s the one they told us to use, so…” I didn’t say anything else to him about it, if I’d said anything about it to him in the first place. But I told Nina during our first table load and, surprisingly, she agreed. So we started using that door.

2012 ( May 23 )

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