a dream I had about going back to the past

All I knew was that Adam looked young, very young. He’s 24 now, but he was a kid again. We were upstairs at the house we grew-up in, so I figured I must’ve somehow time-traveled back to the past; a fact that was all but confirmed when I took a look in the mirror.

Seeing myself that young again brought upon instant joy because it meant that I’d be able to have something I’ve always wanted; a longer life and a second chance to go back and improve a significant portion of the life I’ve already lived.

It had to be the late 1990s. Not only was Adam there, but also Chelia, Tobe, Gabe and some little kid I don’t think I’ve ever met in real life. He was a few years younger than Adam, maybe seven or eight. I’m not really skilled when it comes to guessing ages. But I was going to use him to determine mine. I told him the year I was born and, in a fun playful gamey sort of way, told him to figure-out how old I am based on the year it is, whatever year it was.

He smirked and began to think, taking it as a math challenge, but I never got a chance to hear his answer. We were all upstairs, in what at the time was my living area, about to record a battle rap or something. At least me, Adam and Tobe were. Gabe and the others were just going to watch and laugh.

It was a fun time for all of us, but, underneath mere smiles, I was competely ecstatic. I knew what was going to happen in the future; when extended family members were going to die, when Michael Jackson was going to die, and everything else I know now, though none of it had happened yet. I could’ve made myself instant fame and fortune as a real-life time traveler, a psychic of sorts, and I knew it.

I didn’t tell anyone about it though. I had to figure-out when and how to reveal my secret, a decision that probably would’ve taken days or weeks. I was mainly contemplating how I was going to relive my own life, specifically how to avoid the bad times and use my knowledge to live the happiest life possible. But, of course, it was all too good to be true.

I figured, even in the dream, that I must’ve been dreaming. But it didn’t really matter because, for some reason, it still seemed like a permanent thing, as if I was never going to awake. Maybe I thought I’d died and was simply living my life again. I don’t know. But I awoke for at least a second or few when I turned over in my sleep. It was only then that I came to my senses and realized my little trip thru the past wasn’t going to happen.

2011 ( December 09 )

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