video review : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

video review : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Five people on their way to a summer rock concert almost runs over a girl walking down the middle of the road. Tires squeal and dust flies as their truck barely misses her bony frame, but she just keeps walking like nothing happened with a look of total despair. Most people would probably count their lucky stars and keep going. This compassionate gang, headed by a girl named Erin, offers her a ride home. It’s a mistake that signals the beginning of the worst day of their lives.

Flash forward to Erin, who’s stunningly sexy even with snot dripping from her nose, being chased thru the woods by a masked maniac with a roaring chainsaw and you realize how not-that-scary other horror movie villains are. Freddy looks scary but talks too much. Jason doesn’t talk but doesn’t run. Leatherface comes at full-speed, doesn’t utter an intelligible word and wants to saw off your limbs to lock your bloody torso in his parent’s basement like a slab of hog meat.

my rating : 4 of 5


video review : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [ The Beginning ]

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