a dream I had about hiring Pinky and Misty to exercise at my mother’s house

“What you got them girls doing in the living room?” I think that’s how my mother phrased the question with a mild tone of concern. She was talking to me from another room in the house, so I could only hear her. “That’s Misty and Pinky,” I answered back as I walked closer to where she was, talking loud enough for her to hear me but hopefully soft enough so that the girls wouldn’t. They’d been walking around doing erotic dances, but I told her they were exercising, which was also true. I’d hired them from some kind of house service I found on the internet. The deal was for them to come to my house, or my mother’s house, and basically perform a striptease in the name of good health.

I don’t remember what my mother said back to me, if anything, but it was obvious she didn’t approve of them being there. She didn’t seem upset though. It was as if she didn’t think what they were doing at the moment was too bad but figured it would soon get much worse. So I walked over to the living room where Misty, an imaginated health guru, and Pinky, the real-life porn star, were. They were still dressed, much to my relief, though Pinky had stripped down to what appeared to be some kind of sexy lingerie. “You’re not going to get naked out here, are you,” I asked, perhaps in those exact words, talking soft enough so that my mother wouldn’t hear me, “My mom is tripping.”

Pinky said she wouldn’t with a look of disappointment. She was disappointed, I figured, because she wanted to get naked and perhaps start performing sex acts for me and there I was basically telling her she couldn’t. I didn’t mean she couldn’t at all, of course, just not out in the living room where my mother or siblings could walk in and see her. I don’t know how old I was in this dream; I stopped living with my mother at the age of 16 or 17; but I’m quite sure my little brother and little sister were also at home. My plan was to have Pinky and Misty do their thing in my room with the door closed as I recorded them with my video camera. Unfortunately I awoke before that part.

2013 ( September 26 )

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